about Charmaine

"I Love the scent of flowers, the smell of fresh oil paint and having my dogs in my studio. That makes me happy." 

Professional artist Charmaine De Jongh Gelderblom was born in Rustenburg but moved to Onrus/Hermanus in 2010.

" I always wanted to be an artist, painting nature; flowers and seascapes. My studio is very important to me and must give a sense of wellbeing.

I love flowers, all flowers... the wild daisy the strong arum, roses and the fragile veld flowers."

Flowers come to life on her canvas, passionate, colourful and bold.

She is well known for her colourful floral paintings, fishing boats,seascapes, still lifes and figures. One is inspired by her use of bold, impressionistic brushstrokes giving life and energy to her paintings.

Charmaine's studio has always been a challenge, from overlooking the new harbour in Hermanus to the Quaint village of Onrus River. Always having a new project in mind she is currently busy building a new studio with an abundance of light and sun for the cold western cape winters. She now works from her home studio, "Bramasole"(meaning "yearn for the sun")

"Every painting and object in my studio tells a story" says Charmaine.

In this special space she is surrounded by things she loves and collected over the years; clay pots from the Mediterrainean, China and Japan as well as local ceramics made by South African potters.

The path of being an artist may have been long and winding, but it led her to what she does today. She always follows her instincts.

Challenges are immense being an artist, so to succeed you need to have true passion and perseverance.

Charmaine has a true passion for beauty which is important as for her it forms part of every day living and existence.

"I have learned not to look back at the past but to be positive and look ahead. Enjoy your age, work in the studio,cut some fresh flowers, play with the dogs and just live day by day."

She is recognised for her bold, impressionistic floral paintings, still lifes, boats, seascapes and figures. She paints in oils, liberally, spontaneously and boldly,an extension of her personality.

For the last 25 years, Charmaine's work has been collected by art lovers locally and abroad.

She also owns Gallery De Jongh Gelderblom in Hermanus.